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Areas of Experience

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​I have a specialist interest working with people from creative backgrounds such as artists, musicians or actors.

I have experience working with people who feel blocked creatively or somehow stuck, demotivated or losing interest in their creative process or work.

I will work with you to explore the difficulties and challenges inherent in creative fields, and help you understand and resolve past or present conflicts which might be impacting your creative work.
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Loss & Bereavement

​I have significant experience working with people who have experienced loss and bereavement. I understand how deeply impactful these experiences can be, and how they bring forth powerful, difficult and sometimes overwhelming feelings. I can assist you in better understanding loss, and work through your feelings.

I understand that loss does not only relate to death, and that we can struggle at different points in life to manage with other losses, such as loss of relationship or loss of job or status. I can work with you to explore your feelings, thoughts and experiences.

My Approach
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